4 career options with a degree in hotel management

The hospitality industry in the US features several career opportunities for qualified professionals. The industry includes everything from private travel and international tourism to catering services and event management, and every field needs a manager to oversee the arrangements. Acquiring a bachelor’s in hotel management opens multiple avenues for decent-paying jobs abroad. Based on recent surveys and job estimates, here are four excellent job opportunities you can explore in hotel management.

Work as a concierge
A concierge facilitates everything for the guests, right from the minute they check in to the hotel. As a concierge, you work to secure restaurant bookings and dinner reservations, plan and arrange parties, and provide all the necessary arrangements for any service requested by customers. Starting as a concierge helps build contacts and allows you to work on your problem-solving skills. You should possess excellent communication and customer service skills for this job, along with the ability to think on your feet. While these are regular services in most hotels, luxury hotels provide private concierge services, wherein one person is made in charge of a guest’s entire itinerary. And guests pay top dollar for these luxury services, so they expect the best concierge services, day and night!

Work as a chef
Culinary expertise can land you some really good jobs in the main kitchen, working under skilled chefs. In fact, prior work experience in a commercial kitchen and a hotel management degree can fetch you executive chef jobs. Your primary role here is to delegate work, ensure that the food being prepared and served is in line with the restaurant’s standards, and maintain a profitable operation. Guests who pay top dollar for luxurious rooms and suites expect good food as well. As an executive chef, you will be in charge of preparing the menu, coordinating the prep, and assigning kitchen tasks. If you don’t have a management degree but have culinary knowledge and credentials, you can join a professional kitchen as a line cook and work your way up.

Event planning jobs
Hotels generate a major portion of their revenue by renting out banquet halls, outdoor spaces, and indoor auditoriums for corporate and commercial events. These mega-events require a bunch of services, and this is where event managers come in. They oversee all the particulars, right from planning the décor to arranging the necessary services, ensuring that the event runs smoothly. Crucial event management tasks start with planning a budget based on client expectations and sourcing amenities within that budget. This also accounts for the hotel’s profit margin. Event managers work closely with the chef to prepare a specific menu for the guests and arrange for any special foods and beverages that the clients want to be served. As an event manager, you must also oversee the onsite team and act as the point of contact for clients and vendors.

Work as a marketing manager
Tourism is one of the major sources of revenue for hotel chains, and marketing aims to get a hotel or destination a positive image in the media. A bachelor’s degree in hotel management can land you managerial job opportunities at hotels spread across popular destinations in the US. A marketing manager’s role involves preparing a travel scheme that promotes the location and hotel amenities to attract an influx of diverse tourists willing to pay top dollar for a getaway. You must be adept in the use of social media to understand the current trends in tourism if you’re in charge of travel desk planning. Based on the industry trends, you are also expected to come up with better pricing strategies and assess the amenities that can be provided to create an elusive package deal. Most tourists prefer holiday packages that cater to their boarding, dining, and travel plans at an affordable price.

Along with a hotel management degree, prior experience is an incentive that you can utilize to apply for high-paying managerial jobs in the USA. Learning a specific set of skills will also help you earn more than the median salary for a job.