5 Amazing Age-Old Inventions that Revolutionized World

Stats reveal that earth was created almost 4.5 billion years ago. But it seems that human beings are very ingenious species that they have invented several amazing things in a very short span of time.

If we look at the history of human life on this planet, there are so many amazing inventions that have created miracles. Below we have listed few such revolutionary age-old inventions that have changed human life by a considerable level.

  • The Wheel:
    The wheel was invented in 3500 B.C., and it gave a new vision to how much stuff human beings could transport over land. Although the development of the wheel was a tough task at that time, few more challenges were observed ahead when humans worked on connecting several non-moving parts together to create carts. The brilliance of the human brain was further proved when they started working on wheel and axle concept. The decisions regarding the dimensions and size of the axle were the critical tasks at that time.

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  • The Nail:
    Without the development of nails, the modern era facilities cannot be imagined. This key invention took place almost 2000 years ago during the Ancient Roman period. At that time, humans gained the ability to shape the pieces of metal into the desired shape. Earlier, constructions were completed by interlocking the adjacent boards with few geometrical adjustments. But later in the 1790’s, the invention of nails took place. At an early stage, this task was completed using hammers; but later, some nail making machines were also invented.
  • The Compass:
    You might be aware of the fact that ancient mariners used to navigate by judging the position of stars, but that technique was not useful during cloudy nights. The Chinese made some efforts to solve this problem, and the first most compass was invented somewhere between the 9th to 11th centuries. It was developed using a naturally magnetized iron ore that was named as lodestone. Later the technology was passed to Arabs and Europeans via nautical contact. It gave a new dimension to the sea trade with reliable navigation facilities.
  • The Printing Press:
    The first most printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg, a German professional, in the year 1440. It was based upon the mechanized process that could transfer ink to paper with metal movements. Before that, few Korean and Chinese inventors have created a basic version of print technology. But this advanced mechanism improved the printing process with enhanced speed. With this, it became easier to transfer knowledge to the next generations with the printed versions of books.
  • The Combustion Engine:
    When we are talking about some of the most revolutionizing inventions, how can we forget to talk about the Combustion engine? These engines were designed with the ability to convert chemical energy into valuable mechanical work. It created a foundation for the modern age vehicles and aircraft. Although the engines used in present-day vehicles are much advanced, they follow the basic concept of the age-old combustion engine.