5 Strange Animals in the World

Many travelers around the world plan adventure tours just to spend some time with exotic wildlife. They love to catch the movements of weird animals in the dense forests.

If you are also one among such crazy animal lovers, chances are you are about to plan upcoming vacations for a new experience. Well, this time, you must check the list of most strange animals in the world to schedule your visit to the most appropriate destination.

Below we have listed a few such animals to update your knowledge base so that you can plan a memorable vacation ahead:

    • 1.Pangolin:
      This most bizarre creature is commonly found in Asia and Africa. It looks much similar to the famous armored anteaters. That is why some people also call them by the name of scaly anteaters. The amazing fact is that these strange animals are closely related to cats, dogs and armadillos as well.Although they are known for their strange look, these animals are actually very cute. You will fall in love with their beady eyes, feathers like body and big feet. If you try to threaten them, they immediately curl their bodies into a ball.

Image Source: https://www.thethirdpole.net/en/2019/05/28/the-pangolin-disappears-from-pakistans-sindh/

    • 2.Aye-Aye:
      You might have heard that Madagascar is the home to most strange animals in the world. One of the best examples of such animals is aye-aye who is known for its creepy looking face, especially if you look at it in the middle of the night. The long fingers, building eyes, and the ever-growing teeth make it a strange creature in the dense forests of Madagascar.
    • 3.Capybara:
      These largest living rodents are commonly found in Latin America. They are more likely to live near water bodies with large social groups. The gathering can even increase up to the count of 100 in the dry season. One of the most surprising facts about Capybara is that they are able to run extremely fast, almost as quick as a horse. They are also able to stay underwater for almost five minutes.

Image Source: https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/species/capybara

    • 4.Magnificent Frigatebird:
      These beautiful and incredible birds are commonly found in the Galapagos Islands. They have large wings that can cover the area up to 2 ½ meters when expanded. While visiting this area, you can easily spot these birds plying above the sea, and they can go as high as up to 2500 meters. These birds are often seen attacking other birds and may even steal their food by scaring them.
    • 5.Sloth:
      This little cute animal can be easily found in Latin America including some parts of Brazil and Panama. Their smiling faces look too adorable and the slowness in movement makes them unique. This slowness is mainly because of their leafy diet that leads to a slow metabolism. Sloths are actually very cute animals, but they often need to work hard to stay safe from predators. Studies reveal that almost 11000 years ago, their ancestors were observed to have size almost bigger than today’s elephants.

Image Source: https://phys.org/news/2019-01-sloths-realised.html