5 Top Rated Companies in the World

Today we are going to talk about the largest companies in the world. Before we enter into the list, it is important to mention that the rating to these companies is given on the basis of their market capitalization. Go through the details below to know more about these big brands:

    • 1.Saudi Aramco
      This company is known for the development of natural gas, oil, and many other petrochemical products. With the successful issuing of its shares on the stock exchange, this Saudi Arabian Oil Company has now become the most expensive unit in the entire world. Right after releasing its shares on the famous Tadawul stock exchange, this company now has a value above 1.9 trillion dollars. They have now opened many branches in different corners of the world including Russia, China, the USA, Japan, and Great Britain as well.
    • 2.Microsoft
      We all know this big name, and sometime in life, you might have used some of their products such as Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. This famous corporation was first found by Bill Gates in 1975 and today he is rated among the richest men in the world. Earlier, they started with the development of software packages to improve the experience of PC users. However, the company gained major popularity with its DOS-based operating system and the new-gen Windows operating system. Their current worth is $1062 billion and they are serving customers with many advanced accessories.

Image Source: https://siliconangle.com/2019/12/05/microsoft-inks-5b-cloud-partnership-deal-kpmg/

    • 3.Apple Inc.
      Although for the past several years, Apple was the top-ranked company in the world but due to some disappointing iPhone performances in the market, it has now slipped to 3rd rank. However, they are still occupying the position of most expensive brands in the world. The estimated value of this company at present has crossed $1012 billion. Note that it was first invented in the year 1976 when they started manufacturing the proprietary PC models. But the real success for the company started when they introduced iPad tablets and iPhone smartphones.
    • 4.Amazon Inc.
      Amazon ranks 4th in the list of most expensive companies in the world, with a total worth of $858.68 billion. This retail brand is known for delivering a wide range of products to consumers around the world. They have gained huge popularity worldwide for their low prices, high-quality goods along with prompt delivery services. The annual turnover of this company at present is somewhere around $200 billion.

Image Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/10/amazon-is-hiring-over-30000-workers-in-these-6-us-cities.html

  • 5. Alphabet Inc.
    The internally known company Google has recently changed its name to Alphabet because the organization has gone out of scope from its search engine as it started owning many other companies as well. This mega-company was first created in 1998 and today it is the largest internet holding company in the world. With the estimated worth of $838.02 billion, it is currently serving audiences in the market with many popular services on different platforms such as YouTube, Android and AdWords as well. The headquarters of Google is presently located in California.