6 Most Beautiful Islands You Should Definitely Visit

Islands are better known as the paradise of dreams where one can relax in the arms of nature. But it is high time to understand that not all the Islands are the same. If you are planning to explore the beauty of Islands in the coming holiday season, it is important to make a careful selection for the best destination around the world.

Here we are going to talk about some of the most captivating, stunning, and exotic islands that you can explore during the upcoming holiday season.

    • 1.Maldives:
      The Maldives is better known as the place of ravishing islands. The crystalline clarity of these beaches with dazzling white shores can definitely capture your attention. Under the crystal-clear water of the sea, you will find coral reefs, snorkelers, and luring divers from different corners of the world. Although this place is famous for its adventure-filled Island locations, one needs to stay informed about climate change.

Image Source: https://robbreport.com/travel/resorts/first-look-waldorf-astoria-maldives-ithaafushi-resort-2848123/

  • 2.Bora Bora:
    This island is shaped more like a giant sombrero with unlimited South Pacific fantasies. The main asset of this tropical island is its huge collection of sharks, turtles, fishes, and rays; travelers can clearly identify them in clear waters. This French Island also offers a huge collection of mouth-watering cuisine. Other than this, you can explore several hiking trails, reefs, and palm-studded forests.
  • 3.Palawan:
    This island stretches to the southwest portion of Borneo while creating a beautiful jewel-like appearance. You can even visualize the movements of the fishes below the crystal-clear water with ease. Furthermore, the gleaming white sand and an impressive diversity of colorful tropical fishes make it the best diving point in the world. One more famous attraction of this Island includes Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

Image Source: https://www.tripsavvy.com/things-to-do-in-palawan-the-philippines-4158068

  • 4. Seychelles:
    Here is a pristine, calming, and picture-perfect Island for crazy travelers. This place is located in the east part of Kenya and offers stunning views of palm-lined, thriving beaches. With fish-rich marine, the beaches at this Island appears the best choice for snorkeling and diving lovers. The rich fishing grounds prove its top destination for all the anglers from different corners of the world.
  • 5.Santorini:
    The dramatic beauty of this spectacular Island can make your vacations full of memories. The sparkling sea, blue-domed churches, bleached white villas, and eye-popping canvas; there are so many amazing things to cherish. You will love the picturesque appeal of this destination. Stats reveal that it is ranked as the world’s topmost photographed location. The sublime sunsets, calm beaches, and colorful natural beauty make this place the best choice for your upcoming vacations.

Image Source: https://www.costacruises.com/ports/santorini.html

  • 6. Bali:
    The Island of Bali is probably the best feast to the senses with its amazing natural beauty and greenery. There is a number of Hindu temples with several food jolts and exotic beaches. You can enjoy sunbathing, shopping, swimming and surfing in the lush countryside. Also, the family-friendly tourist destinations here can ensure you more memorable time during vacations.