6 Video Games That Are Loved by All 90’s Kids

We all have grown up now and have experienced lots of changes in the world with the advancements in technologies. Even the gaming industry has revolutionized to a great extent. But being 90’s kids, we have witnessed the most amazing era of video games as we have seen the first even phase of this invention.

There are so many classic games that we have played during our school days. The experience was truly memorable and fun-filled. So, why not spare a few seconds to five into that memory lane and check out the list of famous video games that are loved by all 90’s kids:

    • 1. Road Rash
      Although there were three other road rash games that were launched before the one that we remember from 1995. But this version of the game was really wonderful with loads of interesting features. Players were madly in love with the ability to kick, punch and steal the weapons of other racers.
    • 2. Super Mario Bros.
      The hard work you made to save your princess, being an Italian American plumber Mario, was a truly superb experience. The entire journey of Mari was loaded with a series of obstacles and powered enemies. How can we forget the fights of choosing the role of Luigi or Mario in the house of many siblings?

Image Source: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Characters-Hub/Super-Mario-Hub/Super-Mario-Bros-Hub-Mario-Games-627604.html

    • 3. Contra
      Here come the all-time hit Gun and Run game from the 90’s era. The game was basically a story of two soldiers that were heading towards war in the year 2633 against Red Falcon Organization. There was lots of crazy stuff to do inside the game; however, every player had unique favorite weaponry in the series.
    • 4. Dangerous Dave
      The makers of this video game have already admitted that with this development, they tried to mimic the features of Mario. Players might have observed the similarities in enemies, movements, levels, and many other things. The main theme behind was to help Dave win 10 level battles in the secret hideout of his enemy.
    • 5. Lion King
      You might have seen the famous Loin King movie and might be a big fan of the theme. The 90’s kids have experienced the theme more closely with this game. By following the events of this famous movie, players in this game used to play the role of Simba. The entire journey goes through difficult puzzles and a variety of situations in the game.

Image Source: https://www.wired.com/story/disney-new-lion-king-vr-fueled-future-cinema/

  • 6. WolfensteinThis game was developed with the idea of the First-Person Shooting game that comes with loads of adventure. The player in this gameplay the role of an American Spy who has to suspect the death of Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi. This retro-style game has many classic things inside with beautiful aesthetics and a well-designed background. For the 90’s kids, it was one of the most challenging video games in the market.

Other than this, you might have experienced wonderful moments with Doom, Virtua Cop, Prince of Persia, and Duke Nukem. All these games made our childhood more memorable.