Benefits of organic food

In the present times, if you look up the internet or, other resources to delineate a list of lifestyle changes that would prove beneficial to you in every way possible, then we are certain that you will come across the recourse of introducing organic food in your diet. For the uninitiated, organic food products are the ones that are processed without any additional chemicals. With “chemicals”, we are hinting at the absence of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and preservatives that can be hazardous for your health, and might even end up affecting your mental wellbeing in the longer-run.

As opposed to the conventional and more convenient methods of food production, in the case of organic farming, cultivators mostly depend on environmental-friendly techniques such as green manure to enhance both the quality and speed of production. Currently, the demand curve for organic foods is on the rise. This is because most individuals are of the opinion that small alterations in their habits can favorable health-wise and, and improve the deteriorating condition of the environment as well. In order to help you understand better, in the following segment, we will be jotting down the top 6 advantages of switching to organic foods.

Organic foods taste better
Let’s take a moment here and address the fact that organically-grown foods taste way better than the ones that you commonly get your hands on. Because these food items are left to grow and mature over a long period, they taste amazing. Don’t believe us? You can carry out research and pull out some scientific studies but, they too will make the same claims. It is true that organic foods cost more than the traditional ones but, from this pointer itself, you can tell a lot about the former’s quality and taste. Farmers essentially capitalize on eco-friendly systems of food manufacturing, and this is what creates all the difference.

Rich in antioxidants
As per nutritionists, organic foods contain higher portions of antioxidants when compared with regular foods, and justifiably so. Like we have said, organic foods are devoid of any traces of foreign chemicals which, otherwise have a tendency of amalgamating with the naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, thereby, reducing the potential of the antioxidants. Furthermore, studies have also revealed that sticking to a strictly organic diet boosts the intake of wholesome antioxidants that are not only rare but, mostly adulterated. If you wondering in what ways can antioxidants be effective for your body, here’s some insight:
Safeguards the skin from premature aging
Flushes out toxins from the skin and lever
Lowers the risk of cancer
Reduces cardiovascular risks
Prevents cognitive malfunction
Inhibits vision problems

Reduces the amount of pesticide entering your body
As if the enormous quantity of contaminants and pollutants entering your body via the air wasn’t enough that you want to introduce more through your foods! Indeed not everything is under our control but, our choice of food certainly is. If you are still not convinced let us acquaint you with an awful truth. As per health experts, synthetic pesticides when pushed into your system will make way for a string of serious issues like cancer, digestive, and nervous dysfunction, persistent headaches, weakened immunity, complications in pregnancy, and even premature death. Other than this, if you are worried about pest infestation then you must know that organic farmers turn to methods like crop rotation to secure their yields from the repercussions of untimely pests.

Strengthens immunity
Owing to the commercialization boom that has taken place over the last few years, industries and retailers have tucked away the safety and interests of their consumers in a corner and prioritized their profit margins. This is fairly the reason why, sellers are stocking on food items that come with a list of different chemicals and preservatives because, evidently, the higher are the concentration levels of these substances, the more will be the shelf life. Amidst this incredible marketing strategy alluring people with the idea of lesser investment, what consumers miss out on is that they are compromising their immunity. Nevertheless, taking into account the present food crisis of the world, producing genetically modified foods might appear to be a viable resort but, can expose you to acute vulnerabilities in the coming days.

Organic foods are good for the environment
As responsible human beings, we are sure that all of you are mindful of the actions that leave an impact on the environment in some way or the other. Let’s just keep aside the consequences of chemicals and pesticides on our health for some time and shift our focus on the brutalities that the environment is subjected to because of age-old methods of farming.

Firstly, chemical-based farming requires a constant supply of gallons of water to prevent the crops from drying out fast because of the harsh nature of the compounds. Secondly, even when the crops are ripe and ready to be sent for refinement, the specks of chemicals flushed out on the soil make it impossible for it to be reused. Thirdly, some of these harmful elements flow down to the river bodies and resultantly, are consumed by animals which further increases their chances of swallowing something poisonous besides the residues of plastic pollution. Organic farming, on the other hand, negates all these scenarios as none of the toxic amalgams are involved in it in the first place.

You know you are consuming fresh foods
Whenever you are at a supermarket shopping groceries, your aim is to ensure that the products you are adding to your cart are fresh. Trust us when we say that nothing, apart from organically-produced foods can guarantee you freshness. These foodstuffs abide by rigid norms of cultivation, processing, preparation, and distribution, and this where they derive their characters from. The freshness of these foods augments their flavors and hence, is a clear choice.