European Countries Where You Can Study For Free

Did you know,
The average fee for the 2019–2020 academic year at a private college in the USA was $41,426 and $27,120 at state schools for out-of-state students?
The average tuition fee cost for undergraduate students for the 2019-20 school year in the UK was £9,250? So why pay a handsome tuition fee in any country when you can study for free in some of the best European Cities.

The heavy fees structure and loan burdens make it hard to stay on top of your finances from time to time for those who aspire to study abroad. However, a few European countries provide a fair chance for such aspirants by offering free education.

  • Germany
    This nation is one of the strong pillars of the European Economy and ranks fourth in terms of popularity among international students. The German Universities have pulled the plug on tuition fees for students of any nationality. Berlin, Erlangen, and Munich are three of the top destinations for international students in Germany.

    The monthly living expenses for students are estimated at around $960 that includes rent, transport, food, and entertainment. Though the universities have waived off the tuition fee, the students are liable to pay semester fees ($55 – $280) to support student union and the associated activities.

  • Iceland
    All public colleges are free for international students in Iceland. The majority of the courses are offered in Icelandic language, but a few PG programs are made available in English by the University of Iceland. The monthly living expenses are expected at around $980 per month for International students. Even though the tuition fee is waived off, the students are liable to pay an annual registration fee of $600.

  • Norway
    The University of Oslo, University of Stavanger, Norwegian University of Life Sciences are a few of many colleges that offer free education, but the students are liable to pay a small semester fee of $74. However, the cost of living is high, a student may need around $1700 per month to cover his/her monthly expenses. Also, the international students need to demonstrate proof of proficiency in Norwegian as the majority of undergraduate programs are taught in the native language only.

  • France
    International students can also study in France for free, regardless of their nationality. However, the majority of programs with no fee are taught in the native language. The students of EU/EEA or Swiss nationals are liable to pay university fees of US$190 per year at the undergraduate level. The living costs in France are relatively affordable estimated at $885 per month.

  • Sweden
    Sweden offers no fee undergraduate and graduate programs to international students of EU/EEA/Swiss nationals only. However, doctorate programs are fully funded and offer prospects of stipends too for international students of any nationality. The monthly living expenses are expected at around $1000. The annual university tuition fee falls between $8200 – $14, 870 for most courses.

  • Slovenia
    The tuition fees of nationals from EU, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Republic of is waived off on Bachelor and Master programs. The nationals of other countries are liable to pay the tuition fee as set by the applied university. The monthly living expenses are expected at around $450. Some colleges offer Bachelor and Master programs in the English language.

6 European countries, where you can study for free without feeling the burden of finances or debt. Where will you study?