Incredible Deals on SUV Models

Over the past few years, SUV sales have declined by a considerable level. It is observed that the gas prices are rising high, and SUV models are known for consuming lots of gas while running on the road. In this scenario, people are looking for some affordable exchange for their SUV models, which can ensure more efficiency in the long run. As a result, the SUV sales lowered down and the brand seems like dying.

But there are a few amazing factors that are now adding to the rise in the sales of SUV; surprisingly, they are now becoming much popular. The car dealerships around the world are now making efforts to liquidate the existing stock, and to achieve this target; they have even lowered the price. The creative manufacturers also started working on designing more fuel-efficient engines for SUVs so that consumer demands can be served. In order to attract more buyers from the competitive market, manufacturers have also reduced the price for entry-level models. As a result, buyers are now getting incredible deals for investing in new as well as old models of SUV.

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  • The Rise in the SUV Market:
    If we look at the stats, gas prices were rising high up to the year 2017. However, they started falling down after the month of April, almost 11% per month. After that, most of the buyers found it easier to run their SUV on the road as it could put more load on their budget.
    At the same time, the manufacturers also worked hard to deal with the lack of consumer interest in inefficient and heavy vehicles. They started designing a new range of SUVs that could promise efficiency and performance almost the same as sedans. These recent fuel-efficient models captured audience attention in the market. With time SUV models started receiving great deals and they were sold quickly.
  • Finding the best SUV deals:
    As the SUV market is rising higher, dealers are trying to free up space for the new models. In this scenario, buyers can find great deals on old models. One can find some cashback incentives, luxury upgrades, low APR financing, and reliable maintenance packages as well. These deals keep on varying from state to state; so, it is better to do some market research in advance.
    You can go online to look for the best offers on SUV models. The search results can guide you towards most handsome offers in the nearby dealerships. One can also initiate a search with a specific parameter range and type of vehicle as well. However, in case if you are not specific about any model or make, it is also easier to find enough stock with the local dealers.
    At present, you can avail of zero financing options on Jeep compass, Nissan kicks, Subaru forester. For Hyundai Tuscan, it is possible to avail of financing at a 0.9% rate with an additional bonus of $500. One can find 0% financing offering for Chevrolet Equinox along with bonus cash of $500. Similar kind of offers is available for Dodge Durango, Ford EcoSport and Ford Escape as well.